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Find out more about our activities!

If you are the provider of an activites, be it a sport, game, cultural experience or something else, MyBOP sets you ahead of the rest! We will list you on our terminals and users will be able to organise trips quickly and easily and get involved in the suggested activities.

A visit to a museum, a yoga lesson, a go-karting session… these are all experiences open to  terminal users. The advantage for you is that you attract a different type of audience and thus diversify your customer base! MyBOP offers you a new-found visibility and a new form of communication with the help of our terminals which are installed in bustling locations. So if you have an activites to suggest, partner with us!

If you are located somewhere which doesn’t yet have terminals, you can still send us your partnership application. We will make sure to install one near your activity’s location! Anything is possible with MyBOP!

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