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Shopping centres

The digital food court, at the heart of your shopping centre!

We take care of everything! We retrieve all food and drink offers which are then uploaded onto our platform in a digital format. This platform is accessible through the MyBOP terminals, which enable visitors to book a table, order food and pay for their meals in any of the shopping centre’s eateries. Help your customers save time so that they can make the most of shopping at your shopping centre.

Still not sure if it’s for you? People are eating out more and more nowadays. Not offering them a restaurant deal is a mistake. Shopping centres are becoming an experience where you can have a great time without necessarily shopping. Located in the middle of the shopping centre, this new type of restaurant offer is an innovative amenity.

A variety of high-street eateries and options tailored to all spending levels and needs according to the time of day. Choose from breakfast, a pitstop, snack, lunch in a brasserie or dinner prepared by a chef. MyBOP thinks of the consumers, you and your expectations.

This solution allows your visitors to save time for shopping and explore your shopping centre. This improvement will increase overall impulse purchasing in your centre. Gone is the intrigue between you and your customers, their habits and their brand loyalties.

This solution enables you to improve the experience of your visitors. MyBOP gives better options for you and for them. We give you the chance to respond to the needs of your customers.

Fancy joining us ?


Shall we explain ?

Nowadays, MyBOP doesn’t just offer you one service, but groups all them together. We are offering a different type of service Do you like things to be quick and easy?

Our solution is for you, with our platform which brings together restaurants, activities and transport services. If you’re up for discovering something new and completely different, we’re here to help.

Still want to get your hotels noticed ?

Whether you are an independent hotel or an international chain, we tailor our solution to you, because every traveller in the world deserves to experience this service.;Our solution responds to your need to innovate, allowing you to win over your guests time and time again. It allows them to book a table in a Restaurant, schedule an Activity or book a Taxi from the lobby or even their hotel room!

The hotel market is growing and is inextricably linked to the digital sector in our day and age. This solution is installed in the lobby of your hotels so that it is visible and accessible to your guests. You will offer your customers a unique space.

For an innovative user experience, the MyBOP solution can be used in your hotel rooms, on your website and your app so that each of your visitors, wherever they are in the world, can enjoy this new experience.


A handy service for your co-working space

Your co-workers need new solutions to enable them to work in style and feel good.  MyBOP offers them a new lease of life. Together, we can give them the chance to optimise their work time. Our solution helps business people and co-workers in co-working spaces make the most of their time. Time is precious, so no wonder we all like to manage it in our own way.

They need to work quickly and effectively. MyBOP enables them to do so.

You can now plan your entire day with the help of our terminals, which are put at your disposal. The solution is quick and intuitive. The aim is to become part of their working day. Here’s to happy co-workers!

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