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MyBOP Anti-Microbial ?

It’s important to know that your touchscreens are 15 times dirtier than your toilet door handle.

That’s why MYBOP has decided to put anti-microbial and anti-bacterial film on each of its screens! Yes, all our terminals are equipped with it, but also the payment method, to guarantee you an optimal security!
We think of you, it is important to put you in security each time you use a MYBOP terminal.

They are installed in touristic places and therefore the passage is consequent and the number of user is also!
Pure Zone repositionable transparent films contain anti-microbial agents encapsulated in glass beads.

Intended to protect your screens from shocks and scratches, it also prevents any bacterial contamination by hand, and thus helps you to take care of the hygiene of all your screens. Staff, patients, visitors or customers are thus protected. Everywhere touch screens are multiplying and with them the problems of hygiene and contamination.

Moreover, thanks to its mechanical properties, your screen will keep in time, a new aspect very slightly satiny limiting the reflections and especially the fingerprints generated by the everyday life.
The missions that drive us:

– To protect all our touch screens against marks and scratches.
– Protect our users from germs and bacteria ! 🦠

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