What is a partner? A partner is an entity offering a service or product available directly through MyBOP terminals, such as a restaurant, a taxi firm, a museum, or a club offering sports lessons. If you have something to offer, you can become a MyBOP partner!



Who doesn’t want to manage their stocks, staff and services more effectively?

Thanks to MyBOP, you can now get an idea of what is expected of you through your services. Terminal users book in advance, allowing you to anticipate how many customers you’ll get and what they want to eat.

This partnership is 100% free for you and will bring a new dynamic to your establishment. So why not give it a go?(ouvre un nouvel onglet)



Smartphone out of battery? No taxi on the horizon? Got to be somewhere? Travel hassle-free with MyBOP! You can order transport services through the terminals. Practical and easy to use, you’ll never be left on the side of the road!



Schedule your entire day with MyBOP! Fancy visiting a museum, having fun playing laser tag or go-karting? Schedule, book and pay for an activity directly on the MyBOP terminals! All the activities displayed on the terminals are categorised for your convenience, so you can have a hassle-free day. No need to go anywhere to book: in a few clicks, you can make concrete plans for your free time!

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