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As restaurant owners, you have objectives to achieve and a level of quality to maintain. MyBOP helps you with this and will become an indispensable tool for your restaurant. Want to manage your stocks more effectively? Consider it done. By being able to effectively anticipate the number of customers and their food preferences, you can tailor your service to their needs more effectively. The digital solution proposed by MyBOP helps you to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility.

Moreover, your services are managed in a different way. Waiting for your customers to decide what to order and waiting for payments to process are no longer issues for users of our terminals. Can you perhaps envisage adding another service to your schedule? What’s more, staff management goes more smoothly. Staff are more inclined to meet the customers’ needs and offer them the best possible add-ons during the meal.

In summary, we offer a solution which improves the life of your restaurant and your daily companion, MyBOP!

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