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The digital food court, at the heart of your shopping centre!

We take care of everything! We retrieve all food and drink offers which are then uploaded onto our platform in a digital format. This platform is accessible through the MyBOP terminals, which enable visitors to book a table, order food and pay for their meals in any of the shopping centre’s eateries.

Help your customers save time so that they can make the most of shopping at your shopping centre.

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People are eating out more and more nowadays. Not offering them a restaurant deal is a mistake.

Shopping centres are becoming an experience where you can have a great time without necessarily shopping. Located in the middle of the shopping centre, this new type of restaurant offer is an innovative amenity.

A variety of high-street eateries and options tailored to all spending levels and needs according to the time of day.

Choose from breakfast, a pitstop, snack, lunch in a brasserie or dinner prepared by a chef.

MyBOP thinks of the consumers, you and your expectations.

This solution allows your visitors to save time for shopping and explore your shopping centre.

This improvement will increase overall impulse purchasing in your centre.

Gone is the intrigue between you and your customers, their habits and their brand loyalties.

This solution enables you to improve the experience of your visitors.

MyBOP gives better options for you and for them.

We give you the chance to respond to the needs of your customers.

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